• Feel Safe & Secure When Purchasing Your Envision Tickets

  • Feel Safe & Secure When Purchasing Your Envision Tickets

Envision is more than a festival.  We are a community with a unified belief that we can alter the course of nature and affect real change in the world. By supporting our festival, you allow us to continue to build our platform and bring you the best festival experience possible.

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Transitioning to a 7-day Experience

We are happy to announce that Envision 2020 sold out and was an unprecedented success. We also fully expect COVID policies to limit future capacity due to increased safety policies.  However, there is a silver lining to the cloud. As our new 7-day immersive experience was a great success, we are transitioning entirely to festival tickets that can provide the greatest experience for everyone over the full 7 days. We discovered it allowed a more holistic blend of education and adventure, as well as plenty of time to dance. 7 days of Envision means more of everything you love!


Prices for this amazing 7 day experience will be reduced for both General Admission & VIP passes.

There will also be SIGNIFICANT reductions for Costa Rica & Central American attendees with a valid cedula. We aim to make Envision as accessible as ever and make it easier for our supporters and family, both near and far, to attend.

Peace of Mind - Ticket Transfer Up Until Sept 2025:

Envision is a small business and we can adapt to the needs of our ticket-buyers.   To ensure you always receive value from your Envision purchase, and to accommodate the uncertainty that is surrounding us all on a global magnitude, we have built in the flexibility to credit any amount you have spent to any future year at Envision 2023, 2024, or 2025.

Easy, Affordable, Risk-Free Payment Plans:

  • Pay for your total ticket, lodging and add-on value over the course of the next 6 months
  • Pay a deposit upfront that is equal 1/6th of your total cart balance
  • Pay your deposit with your card on the first month and it will be charged for the following 5 months the same amount, no further action (or remembering to pay) will be required.
  • Read more about "What happens to my tickets if Envision 2022 is cancelled?" in our TICKETING FAQ


We thank you for your continued trust, support, and understanding that Envision is more than a festival; it is our heart and soul. Our hearts are full of love and gratitude and our souls are being fed by looking ahead to reemerging from this altered world with a bigger purpose and more widespread collective. Thank you all for being an integral part of that heart and soul.