• Official 2022 Trailer Is LIVE!


We are extremely fortunate to have been able to be one of the few events to happen in 2020, and can proudly say, it was our best yet. After 10 years of growing this dream into one of the most impactful events, but pulling off what most would consider impossible in our remote jungles of Costa Rica, we consider ourselves very privileged to be looking towards a bright future. We move forward with more intention and purpose than we have ever felt, as we believe we have a greater responsibility, a wider reach, and an urgent role to play in the global shift the world is experiencing. We are focused on creating something more permanent and impactful than ever.

We are thrilled to share with you our 'Official 2022 Trailer', and a message that we firmly believe in and can stand behind. The video script was carefully written by Josh Wendel (CEO and Co-Founder) who felt it was important that the language of Envision’s brand remain sensitive to the times and the direction of Envision.


Envision is excited to showcase and applaud Plaga Studios - these young & incredibly talented brothers from Guatemala poured their heart and soul into this project. Their stellar work, in conjunction with our Creative Director, produced this amazing video that captures the essence of collaboration and unity the festival cultivates.  

The song featured in the video, Labyrinth by Emancipator ft. CloZee, is a dreamy collaboration by the two Luna Stage sunrise acts that closed out the anniversary event in February 2020. *Full Creative Credits Below*


As people are searching for ways to impact change in their own lives and make a difference in the world, we ask “What if that change came packaged in colorful celebration?” In 2020 we brought over 100 facilitators from 15+ countries for 125 hours of educational programming across six unique jungle stages. What if you could contribute and learn while you danced, gathered, and feasted with like-minded people who shared your passions for saving the world and self improvement? Place that celebration on the edge of a jungle, kissed by the sea, and fill it with local to international talent.  Music, mentorship, health, empowerment, ecology, community, and so much more. Envision is an opportunity to delve deeper into the practices that can heal ourselves, our communities and the planet.

Due to the overwhelming success of the 7 day experience and that the world is choosing their vacations more exclusively, we want to make sure you get the most out of your Envision Experience.  7 Days provide a more holistic experience and a much higher value add to your trip to our remote jungle paradise.

Envision 2022 Super Early Bird tickets officially drop on December 8th, 2020, and you're invited to join the journey ahead, which will culminate on February 21st - 28th, 2022 in Uvita, Costa Rica.

Commit to the most highly anticipated experience of 2022. This is your invitation to plan a vacation, deepen your education, reconnect with community, and share in the new ways of living, in harmony with nature. Journey home for what will be the most powerful reunion yet!

In the meantime, we ask that you stay connected, support and engage with your favorite artists, subscribe to meaningful platforms for continuing education, support small businesses and prepay for services you will use in the future as it may mean survival for many.

Carry with you the embraces you give to each other by the Envision stages, the smiles you give openly and warmly when you dance, and embody the freedom you felt in the jungle.  Take these precious commodities and use them wisely. Dispense them to your neighbors and share them with your families. You can make a difference... and before long we will be barefoot in the sand, engulfed in sounds of the jungle, and amidst the warmth of human connection.

Until then we remain your Envision community. Just reach out and you will find us.



Directed, Edited & Animated by: Plaga Studio
Music: Emancipator ft. CloZee - Labyrinth
Producer: James Gangemi, Josh Wendel & Julia Borden  

Voice Over: Josh Royse
VO Mastering: Taylor Hatty

FPV Drone: Mac Poschwald

Video & Photography:

  1. Valentyn Syenin
  2. Holden Davies
  3. Remington Wilcox
  4. Philip Whiteman
  5. Joe Keca
  6. Daniel Cooper
  7. Luis Hernandez
  8. Antonio Madrigal
  9. Andy Tomkinson
  10. Charlie Orellana
  11. Alejandro Campollo
  12. Antonio Campollo
  13. Kenny Withrow
  14. Nathan Doherty
  15. Mike Oberlies

Notable Features:

  1. CloZee
  2. Emancipator
  3. Monolink
  4. Rufus Du Sol
  5. Jan Blomqvist
  6. Moontricks
  7. Momentom Collective
  8. Christina Kalyani
  9. Hannah Mermaid
  10. Nahko Bear
  11. Luigi Jimenez of Santos Y Zurdo
  12. Sarah Wu
  13. Jonah Kest
  14. Andrew Seal