• Super Early Bird Tickets are LIVE

  • Super Early Bird Tickets are LIVE! Secure yours before the sale closes on December 16th!

The anticipation is over! Super Early Bird Tickets are officially LIVE. Secure your tickets and lodging now. Tickets are only available until Dec 16th.

Thanks to everyone who attended the 10 Year Anniversary event, it exceeded our expectations and has provided us with the momentum to propel us through the next two years, culminating in a reunion event of deep purpose and heightened celebration. It has been an exceptionally long tunnel, but the light at the end burns bright and we are going to show up with flames being thrown, music that will ignite your 5 senses, and experiences to amplify the energy to new levels. We have set lofty goals for ourselves, and we are working around the clock to blow your minds!

Act quickly to secure your spot at this highly anticipated 11th edition event! In 2020 the festival sold out completely, with Super Early Bird tickets selling out in a matter of hours, and we are expecting the return of festival fever to exceed demand even quicker after the intentional hiatus. We strongly suggest planning ahead to book your accommodations as these limited options are in high demand, and both on and off-site lodging were the first items to sell out in 2020.

  • GA Super Early Bird Ticket is $529
  • Payment Plans starting with downpayment of $100
  • VIP Super Early Bird ticket is $869
  • Save over $200 off our regular priced GA and VIP tickets when you buy early


ALL tickets will now cover 7 full days of Envision, maximizing the value of your experience. Knowing that the world is choosing their vacations more deliberately, we want to make sure you get the most out of Envision’s long list of offerings.  Expanding the festival to 7 days allows for a more complete and holistic blend of education, adventure, community, and of course, even more time to dance.

  • 300+ hours of education, wellness, & music content across 7 days
  • 15+ off-site excursions including Zip Lining, Waterfall Canyoning, Snorkeling & more...
  • 200+ World renowned educators and musicians from 15+ countries
  • A tropical escape from the cold winters and bulky jackets
  • Maximum relaxation, mindfulness, motivation, intent and elevated spirits

Envision is one place on earth where we unapologetically party with a greater purpose.  We aim to be a conduit for soul searching, education, celebration, and appreciation over a span of seven days. Simultaneous release and restoration of our entire being. We hold ourselves to a high standard and invite you to join us in making it a time of impact and intention

Envision is entering its second decade of dedicated festival production. We have garnered trust that comes from being a seasoned event, and with that solid foundation comes the freedom and ability to innovate and expand upon the alchemy that we have cultivated over the years. With newfound time to invest in making this an event of even deeper purpose, we are spreading our wings widely and taking flight.

We can almost hear the beat drop...

We are dedicated to producing the most memorable event in 2022, however if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that no one can predict the future. To put your mind at ease, we have updated our policies to allow you to carry your ticket forward the next three years if you are unable to join us in 2022. Check out our updated Ticketing Policy for more info.