Frederico Gutierrez. The man who inspired the Envision community with the notion of planting 10,000 trees in 2020 and then led the cause with his hands dug deeply into the fertile soil along with the staff, founders and extended festival family.  Leading by example, the team here actively participates in an ongoing effort to restore devastated coastal ecosystems from past agricultural practices.  Aligned by the drive to make lasting environmental, social and economic impacts, the work begins at home on the Envision grounds and seeps out into surrounding pasture land and beyond, to impact greater Costa Rica.

Fede was initially a vendor but soon became an integral part of the team as he introduced the fight to create ‘biological corridors’; long, interlacing lines of trees that will provide food and shelter to help animals make the crossing between the mountains and coast. Looking to the future, rare and indigenous ‘grandfather’ hardwoods have been strategically interspersed within the project .

Suffice to say, our excitement is palpable…We have planted 8,665 trees, and counting (or should we say planting!) towards our goal of 10,000 trees in 2020. We’ve got this!!  This inspired love of the land led us, at Envision, to birth “Somos El Cambio” a non-profit association that we launched in 2020.  Its aim is to raise and channel funds towards projects that allow and inspire a better future for our planet, starting in our own backyard and working in collaborations to protect our most important resources.


Here are a few of the efforts we've coordinated over the last year:

  • $17,000 worth of medical equipment donated to the local hospital in Ciudad Cortes for COVID relief efforts
  • $5,000 to a local food bank to support families in need during the COVID crisis
  • 4,000 trees donated to the local water Association to restore 6 hectares of water springs that feed water to all of Uvita and the surrounding areas
  • Planted ~230 trees during the festival with help from headliner artists such as Clozee, Be Svendsen, as well as Envision attendees, influencers and staff.
  • Formed lasting alliances with local government associations such as ICE, MINAE, ASADA and Costas Verdes to coordinate tree donations and support future initiatives

The energy, diligence and gratitude that is usually poured into the annual Festival has been harnessed and redirected into vital work on a broader scale in response to global events.  We answered the call of the planet and accepted the challenge of better stewardship. Envision 2022 Carbon Offset Program is a way you can join us in furthering our reach to link arms and help protect natures’ gifts.

Help us as we continue the race to 10K by the end of the year while we also clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity by offsetting your carbon footprint. We need YOU to get us to our goal!

Be like a tree.
Stay grounded, keep growing,
and know when to let go. ~tinybuddha