• Exciting Group Ticketing Packages to Jumpstart your Journey!

Let your trip to Envision 2022 be the meaningful gift to give to yourself and someone you love. Aside from being a world renowned music festival, we seamlessly merge an event space into a showcase with more purpose and intention. Envision Festival is a celebration, a community, an adventure, a retreat, an escape from the cold and a reconnection to nature.  We are a one-stop reminder of all that can be, living in harmony with community and celebrating in nature.

We invite you to shop our Envision portal where we made the booking process as risk free, simple and easy for attendees to bring groups and create hassle free bundles.

ALL of our earliest tier tickets have launched and sold out 5 times faster than last year, exceeding our wildest expectations. Our hearts are so full following this amazing response and support. But that means booking now so we can see you in the jungle in 2022. Now that nearly all three of our Early Bird tiers have sold out, Tier 1 will be your best chance at getting the best priced tickets. These tickets WILL sell out like they did last year, so purchase them before Dec 16th!

Our hand-picked 'Experience Bundles' make it easy to ensure a well rounded trip down to our neck of the jungle. New wellness, adventure, and couples packages ensure that you experience and fall in love with Costa Rica as much as we do. Not only do we offer options for solo travelers, but we also offer ticket packages for couples, best friends, and groups of 4 or more.

We want to share our Envision experience with the world; our amazing community, collective energy, and our fight for the planet. From waterfall rappelling, snorkeling coral reefs, to onsite massages and refined organic dinners with drink pairings at Envision’s seated restaurant 'Pura Comida'...there is an Experience Bundle for everyone.

How amazing to stand on our beloved beach with your friends, watching the sun set behind the sea on yet another day of intentional education and community celebration.

Learn more here for solo, partner, and small group ticket discounts, savings & packages.

Designed for you and your whole group, each package includes a curated list of onsite and offsite experiences. So add them to your cart in the last step of our booking experience on the Envision website.

                            Over 20% of Envision attendees travel to the festival solo.

We are thrilled to be a destination trusted and enjoyed by solo travelers. We applaud and cherish the independence and spirit it takes. For those who would like to have an opportunity to make more meaningful connections between the thousands or other attendees who are traveling on their own, we are launching a new solo traveler community. This initiative will introduce onsite meet-ups, a new Facebook group for solo travelers, and new packages focused on making the solo travel experience easier and more seamless. Learn more

To help you create memories of a lifetime, bring a group of 10 or more and truly share the magic. We would love to pair you with a group concierge who can customize your ideal group ticket escape. Complete this form to get in touch.

Designed for you and your whole group, each package includes a curated list of onsite and offsite experiences. So add them to your cart in the last step of our booking experience on the Envision website.

We have taken on the job of being your travel coordinator. Who better to showcase the stunning marvels of our Costa Rican paradise than its biggest fans, devoted protectors, and dedicated team?

When should I book? NOW! With more time than ever, flexible payment plans spread over six months, and a variety of packages + bundles, there’s truly something for everyone. We want you with us to enjoy the music, mentorship, fellowship, health, empowerment, ecology and a beautiful community. We miss you all deeply. Let's come together, both individuals and the planet alike, and dance to the dawn of a new day where we awaken, connect, learn, and inspire. In true collaboration with one another, together we Envision a new future.