As we approached the 10 Year Anniversary, the intention was to celebrate like we’ve never celebrated before. It was as if we knew that moment would become a memory worth holding onto. We take this time to evolve from concept to implementation. A time not to gather, but to regroup. A time to fortify our foundation. A time to root down in our pillars stronger than ever, and emerge in 2022 with more impactful offerings that will take Envision from a week-long gathering to a life-long movement.

Envision 2022 tickets officially drop December 8th, 2020, and you're invited to join us on the journey ahead, which will culminate February 21st - 28th, 2022 at our home of Rancho la Merced.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should grab your Early Bird ticket next month!

  1. Limited Capacity: Envision Admission & Accommodations Sell Out Every Year.
  2. Lowest Prices + Payment Plans: Save Over $250 on GA & VIP Tickets + Spread Payments Over 6 Months with Our New Flexible Payment Plans
  3. 7 Days of Envision: We Are Officially a 7 Day Event
  4. Flexible Ticketing Policies: Improved Transfer + Refund Policies Ensure You Always Get Value From Your Purchase
  5. Reconnect to Nature and Community

1. Limited Capacity:

▪️ All Envision 2020 tickets + accommodations SOLD OUT last year and our capacity will be even more limited this year. All of our on-site accommodations sell out every year and off-site options are limited.

▪️ We offer jungle luxury bamboo bungalows, cabanas, suites and treehouses with VIP amenities that provide a comfortable shaded space to rest up for a full night of dancing. All of these accommodations and add on features sold out a few months before last year’s event, so book early to receive first access!

2. Lowest Prices + Payment Plans:

▪️ Save over $250 off GA and VIP tickets by taking advantage of our lowest priced ticket of the year. Put your savings towards flights + additional amenities or adventures on your trip to Costa Rica.

▪️ Unable to front the full cost of a festival ticket? Don't worry! Our new and improved Payment Plan allows for double the amount of installments as last year, over a 6-month period, so you can comfortably pay off your trip over time. View our full ticketing & refund policy here.

▪️ Traveling with a group? Take advantage of our 4+ or 10+ group ticket options to cut costs even more!

3. 7 Days of Everything Envision:

▪️ You asked and we have answered the call! We are officially a 7 day event, taking place February 21 - 28, 2022. We tested out the 7 day model last year, and we LOVED it. With standard Costa Rican retreats costing thousands of dollars and nowhere near as much opportunity as Envision provides, we truly offer the most valuable travel experience you can invest in.
▪️ In moving toward a 7 day event, we invite you to take it easy, explore the area, maximize your experience, and root down into our 7 pillars and your natural being. This is an easy way to make Envision your home base throughout your whole trip to Costa Rica so you can enjoy access to educational workshops, mastery classes, on-site excursions, retreats and so many more amenities.

4. Improved Refund & Transfer Polices:

▪️ After consulting several different expert-driven modeling scenarios with our internal safety team, we are optimistic and confident that Envision 2022 will happen as intended. We understand you want additional security with your purchases during current times, so we’re placing emphasis on ensuring our policies reflect that desire. Envision 2022 tickets will be easily transferable if the event is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

▪️ In the event that Envision 2022 is cancelled or postponed, you have three primary options for your tickets and accommodations: Your tickets will automatically be transferred to the new festival date. You can choose to move your tickets to any of the following three years: 2023,  2024, or 2025. You can resell your ticket through the official Envision Festival ticketing resale platform, that will be going live in 2021.

▪️ In accordance with our official ticketing Terms and Conditions, we are not able to offer ticket refunds for any reason. To build Envision into the thriving ecosystem that is laid before you when you arrive, a vast majority of our expenses are incurred far before the festival takes place. If we were to offer refunds, it could easily lead to an existential challenge that our company would not be able to overcome.We want you to be able to enjoy Envision for decades to come.

5. Reconnect to Nature and Community:

▪️ Your illuminated presence in the world is needed now more than ever! Envision’s focus on nature, community, education, celebration, and wellness will be reinforced even more in 2022 as we prepare ourselves and our community to implement those tools with deeper intention.

▪️ If the last 7 months taught us anything, it's that the world is begging for us to step up as stewards of the land so we can be the change we wish to see. During this unprecedented moment in human history, we invite you to take the time to really tune into what Envision represents -- the love and care that we hold for one another and the Earth is at the core of everything we do. Imagine the possibilities and shifts if we all kept those core truths in mind in our free will, hand in hand with our community each step of the way.

▪️ With less time for spontaneous trips due to Covid, you’re going to desperately deserve a vacation by February 2022. This is your invitation to treat yourself to a vacation that perpetuates a new way of living, in harmony with nature. Journey home for what will be the most powerful reunion yet.

Our work to positively impact our planet is not nearly done, and we hope you'll understand how meaningful it is that you are willing to trust us amidst all of the uncertainty in the world today. Stay up to date on all things leading up to February 21 - 28, 2022 by subscribing to our newsletter and SMS updates.

US & Canada: Text "Envision" to +1(833) 490-0802 to subscribe.

Educational Workshops + Master Classes:

  • 100 Facilitators from 15 Countries.
  • 150 Classes & Workshops with 125 Hours of Programming across Six Stages
  • Diversity of Programming: Environmental Activism, Alternative & Natural Wellness, Permaculture, Community Development, Ceremony & more!
  • Herbal Clinic Treats 1000 Patients Annually & 100 Graduate Students in the last 4 years.
  • Apothecary with over 75 Medicinal Plants, Essential Oils & Homeopathic Remedies.

Renowned Yoga & Movement:

  • 68 Workshops & Classes
  • 96 Hours of Programming
  • 42 Artists from 10 Countries
  • Diversity of Programming: Yoga, Breathwork, Pilates, Kundalini, Partner Movement & More...
  • Brand New 5000+ Square Foot Yoga Shala Built by Bamboo DNA
  • Movement + Music Programming Until 10PM

World Class Music:

  • 7 Days of World Class Music featuring multiple Funktion-One Sound Systems & State of the Art Lighting Technology
  • 5 Custom Built Exotic Jungle Stages
  • 75 Hours of Uniquely Curated Live & Electronic Music
  • 200 Musical Acts
  • 20+ Local Costa Rican Artists
  • World Class Talent From Over 15 Countries